GuateJUG and TELUS International present, "The future of Java Developers"

Please come and join us for an special and exclusive event. A night with Java Champions, Java User Group Leaders, Oracle Certified Professionals and the community.

Our discussion will be focused on one question:

What is the future for Java developers in a polyglot world?

When: November 8 (friday), 17:30-22:00 PM
Where: TELUS International Guatemala, 18 Calle 25-86 Zona 10, Pan-American Highway

Pradera West 9th floor

How do I get in?: Use the same registration form and look for the JConf+Party option


José Amadeo Diaz - Peru

Also known as JoeDayz due his 7k subscribers channel on youtube.

José is a Java Champion, Computer Engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Software Architect with extensive experience in analysis, design and implementation of SOA and Microsystems solutions using Java EE architecture use of agile methodologies and working frameworks such as Scrum. Experience in logistics, pharmaceutical, telecommunications projects for over 15 years in Peru, Mexico and USA.

Co-founder of, a company that has been recognized in the Peruvian market for its front-end, mobile and backend software development courses.

Currently he is a Software Architecture manager at Farmacias Peruanas.

Fabio Turizo - Colombia

Fabio is a Software Engineer offering over 9 years in the IT industry with a focus on software architecture and development. Oracle Certified Professional and Specialist in Java SE and EE platforms. Currently working as part of the service team of Payara Services Limited and also part of the Toptal network of freelancers.

Esaú Betancourt - México

Esaú Betancourt Salazar is a software developer currently working for Nearsoft. He has worked on the design and implementation of projects for banks in the United States and Mexico for more than 10 years. A person with a great passion for technology, he is always trying to learn about the latest trends. He currently works as a consultant for a company that has all its infrastructure in AWS, where he has a roll as a developer of Java and Javascript applications.

Cesar Hernandez - Guatemala

César Hernández is a Senior Software Engineer in Tomitribe with experience in Enterprise Java Applications. Holder of international awards such as Java Champion and Ducke's Choice award, he is an active participant in various Open Source projects and initiatives in Latin America, teacher and public speaker. When Caesar is with a computer, he likes spending time with his family, traveling and playing music with the Java Community Band, The Null Pointers.

Julian Rivera - El Salvador

Senior Software Architect at Grupo Tecuan Working with Java Technology & OSS since 1999 with technologies like Java EE, Spring, Coldfusion and anything that runs on the JVM.