Java Day Guatemala 2013 on a nation-wide newspaper

This is a liberal translation from the original at Diario de Centroamerica, a nation-wide newspaper that covered our third Java Day (this translation was done for diffusion purposes only).

Event photos can be seen at Edwin Najera's flickr or at JUG's Facebook fanpage.


This year more than 150 people gathered at the ICT center of Intecap to share and attend the yearly conference of the Java Users of Guatemala (Guatejug). Java Days are worldwide activities, supported by the Java communities and at our country it is organized by GuateJUG.

The main idea of this event is to impulse the technological development by using Java based tools "a powerfull development language" as is described by Maria Mercedes Wyss, one of the organizers.

Another Java characteristic is the platform independence, meaning that programs developed with this language can be executed over any kind of hardware. As the Java slogan states "write once and run everywhere".

This edition featured the presentations of 16 national experts in Java technologies, who shared their knowledge and skill to the attendants. Aditionally the event also featured 3 international presentations by videoconferences, between them Kirk Pepperdine a JavaOne Rock Star and Java Champion (those presenters that are highlighed by their knowledge about this technology).

The event was attended by developers from government, industry and university students, as well as "fresh minds that are getting into Java development, between 12 to 15 that wish to improve their skills" added Wyss.

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