The Advanced Digital Signature


Gustavo Adolfo de León Pineda

I am Gustavo Adolfo de León Pineda. I am a Sciences and Systems Engineer for the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. I also have a Masters Degree In Business Administration and a Master in Finance from the University Rafal Landivar. I have worked for many years for government institutions like SAT, IGSS, INACIF, and currently for the RPSC in the Ministerio de Economia de Guatemala. I have worked as a software developer in various languages like : C/C++ Java J2EE, C#, and others. I have worked developing websites for technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Asp .net, jsp, asp and others. I also have worked with databases like Oracle 9i,10g,11g.

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In this talk, we want to make a speach about the use of the Advanced Digital Signature, for the automation of processes in the Guatemalan Institutions. We are a government agency that registers the providers of digital certificates that the digital signature uses. We will use of the X.509 Standard.

We want to show the use of the protocol X-509 that the digital certificates uses to validate the advanced digital signature. This will be used to support the use of this technologies in the business and the government. This standard is written in Java, c# and other languages that the software developers use.

The use of the digital signature, it is very common, however this is another application than can help to achieve more out the digital certificates in order to help in the automation of procesess. This speach, it also has the objetive of getting the information about this technologies and laws to the people that make the software in Guatemala.